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Targeting : EMIS ltd.

Emis creates high quality websites for service providers in the following industries:

  • Home and Commercial Security Industry (including the Locksmith industry)
  • Home Improvement Industry (plumbing services, electrician services, etc.)
  • Moving and Storage Industry

Home and Commercial Security Industry

The security industry in the U.S is a very competitive one. In order to be able to gain traffic, leads and jobs in the different location in the U.S, you must rely on a professional website.
We, at "Emis" developed a numerous quality websites in key locations in the U.S market.

Our deep preliminary research of the residential & commercial security topic, along with our rich relevant content websites, has helped us develop numerous quality, traffic generating websites in various locations in the U.S with over 15,000 visitors per month.
You can enjoy this traffic exclusively in your area. Contact us now.

Home Improvement Industry

Our most comprehensive, rich, traffic generating websites are in the home improvement field. We, at Emis, have developed a winning chain websites that captures variety of key phrases that generates required leads for our customers; in addition, dedicated websites, which's task is to capture general inquiries about certain topics are also set to serve our customer.

An example for such site, which is currently under construction is our commercial plumbing website, that is about to gather for our customers commercial plumbing leads from north America.

Moving and Storage Industry

Our moving industry websites already prove themselves. All of our websites in Los Angeles, New York, more key locations in the U.S are currently rented to satisfied customers.
Since we provide exclusive leads in each geographical location we are currently working on advertising and promoting new moving websites to future customers.

Contact us in order to check if there is an active website in your location.

Among our customers: payoneer.