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How to Improve my Plumbing Marketing

Plumbing marketing is the lifeblood of your business and helps promote your products and services to as many costumers as possible.

Effective and successful plumbing marketing will increase your plumbing sales and generate more income to your business.

Emis specializes in effective internet plumbing marketing that gets your phone ringing and generates high plumbing sales.

The top 4 DO's to improve your plumbing marketing


  • Setting up a user-friendly, service informative web site that is top ranked on major search engines.
  • Engaging in internet plumbing marketing.
  • Registering on major web directories like, Dmoz,, APlumbers, and so forth.
  • Obtaining Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Most plumbers expand their clientele scope through the "word of mouth" strategy where good recommendations reflect from one customer to the next. Pleased customers "market" your excellent plumbing services by recommending you to their neighbors, family, friends and colleagues. Yet word of mouth can only promote your plumbing business to a certain degree.

The internet can expand on word of mouth recommendations, and take your plumbing marketing to another level altogether. In today's environment of user friendly internet, customers looking for professional plumbing services tend to make use of online search engines to supplement word of mouth recommendations.

Acquiring the Better Business Bureau accreditation will help notify customers of your professional and licensed plumbing services.

Registering on leading directories such as Dmoz, aplumbers, or will help increase your plumbing exposure to as many customers as possible.

Another useful technique to improve your plumbing marketing is with a user friendly, service informative site. Emisltd specializes in creating traffic-generating, custom-made websites and leasing them to plumbing companies.

With a website that occupies top search engine results, your plumbing business can be exposed 24/7 to anyone who types "plumbing repair", "plumbing service","plumbing emergency" in GOOGLE, YAHOO, or MSN.

24/7 exposure of your business through major directories including Yahoo, emergency plumbing and commercial plumbing and an informative website is the right way to improve your plumbing marketing, and get your phone ringing.

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