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EMIS ltd.

Emis specializes in creating traffic-generating websites and leasing them to plumbing companies, moving companies, electrician companies, and locksmith companies, thereby allowing new customers to find their services through Internet search engines. Work with Emis and your company will receive:

  • Multiple leads to prospective projects

    Our sites allow you to enjoy exclusive residential and commercial leads that enlarge your business income and profitability. We plan, write, and design our websites to convince visitors that the companies associated with our sites are the best in their respective industries

  • Precisely targeted traffic to your business

    Your business needs specific customers from particular geographical areas with unique, professional demands. Our sites are made to accommodate these demands and provide you with the exact profiles of the customers looking for your services

  • Enhanced marketing ROI

    The incomes of our customers have increased dramatically thanks to our special advertising program which encourages us to work harder for their benefit. We give top priority to the ROI of our customers to sustain long-term partnerships. As our customer, you will also benefit from our commitment

  • Increased sales

    We assure you that your business will grow and your phones will keep ringing. Countless people are looking for the products and services that you provide. Our services can help them find you

  • A unique, custom-made website

    Our sites already gain targeted traffic in your specific industry. We can tailor our websites according to your needs, and advertise it exclusively for your business

Among our customers: payoneer.